K-26 Vintage


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The EGR K-26 ligature has been very successful. It has been tried and very admired by the best saxophonists and clarinetists around the world, revolutionizing this way the world of ligatures.

It is characterized by enabling musicians to play easily as it projects better the sound without neglecting its quality, producing a clean sound and emission. It provides your saxophone or clarinet with a particular tone and improves their sound, something that makes these ligatures unique.

All our ligatures are handmade by EGR in Granada (Spain). The most important thing for us is taking care of even the smallest details so that the customer can enjoy the best quality. K Series are made in aluminum, a material that provides the reed with an innovative ability to vibrate, something that is reflected in the characteristic sound produced by the ligatures. In addition, the way they touch the reed and the mouthpiece is completely unique. Different parts of the ligature make the reed and the mouthpiece vibrate in optimum conditions, improving the sound of your instrument.

Playing with EGR is not playing, it’s feeling.




"Since years I have been searching for the perfect ligature to support my vision of sound. Now that I play the EGR Ligature on all my horns, I feel that it connects my reeds with the mouthpiece perfectly and let the reed and the mouthpiece vibrate so the best possible sound is comming out. I'm very happy to be an endorser of EGR, because with them I have a partner who supports my wishes for my gear. There are no questions anymore - they are the best ligatures I've ever played."
- Simon Spiess (saxophonist, composer & official endorser of EGR ligatures) www.simonspiess.com

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K-26 Vintage

K-26 Vintage

Shipping costs not chargued to Europe.

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